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Key Holding Service
Monthly Key Holding Fee 10
Our Key Holding Service will give you peace of Mind while you are back home.  We can arrange all sorts of Services on your behalf, from Regular Airing, Cleaning, Leaking Taps etc. - Charges May apply.  We can give out Keys to your Customers on your behalf and collect deposits to cover Keys / Cleaning etc.

You can set up the Key Holding Service anytime in store or Via email.  We will need you to fill out a registration form and leave us two sets of Keys.  You can opt to Pay Yearly or Monthly in Store, by Post or via the payment Buttons.  It is wise to create an Inventory for your Property, to be handed in with the Registration form and Keys.

We can also advertise and arrange Rental or Sale of Your Property, preferential rates are given to members of our key Holding Service.  Contact us at

Yearly Key Holding Fee 100